Post-Surgical Bras

These bras can be worn home from the hospital. They have drain bulb management and come with a fluff breast form.

Amoena Hannah Post-Surgery Bra 2160

Ultra-soft fabric infused with Vitamin E and Aloe microcapsules that continually release soothing benefits to the skin

Front closure and padded, stretchable fabric straps that fasten in front for easy access during treatment and with reduced range of motion

Amoena Theraport Radiation Therapy and Post Surgery Bra 2161

Specially designed for wear immediately after any type of breast surgery or while undergoing radiation treatments, including partial breast irradiation

Seamless soft cotton garment features Velcro front closure and Velcro straps allowing for easy access to treatment areas without fully undressing

Bottom band securely holds drain pouch

Jodee Zip Front Ease Bra 595

Ideal as a leisure bra right after surgery and looks good under clothes

Perfect for women who have undergone breast surgery or who just want to be comfortable

The front zipper is cushioned for your comfort and the straps have Velcro closing making it easy to adjust